Thursday, September 21, 2017

Guest Post: National Declutter Day is coming! Are you ready?

September 23rd Is National Declutter Day: 

How To Tackle The Clutter In Your Home, Room By Room

By Tracy McCubbin, Founder, dClutterfly

Everyone is talking about decluttering.  In fact, decluttering is so important it now has it’s own day: September 23rd is National DeClutter Day.  Why declutter? The answer is easy: Decluttering saves you time and saves you money. It also improves your health and happiness.  Being cluttered eats up a lot of time: Time looking for your keys, looking for the mail to pay the bills or trying to find an outfit to wear to work that day. 

And think about the real cost of clutter.  How about all the clothes in your closet with the tags still on them?  Or the pantry items you buy again and again cause you can’t find the mustard you bought the last time you went to the store?  And let’s talk what you are paying for off site storage spaces: $100 a month? $150 a month? It’s no wonder everyone is talking about decluttering!

Ahead of National DeClutter Day on September 23rd, there’s no better time to share some of my favorite tips to tackle the clutter room by room, and in turn, living a happier and healthier life:

1.     Kitchen
a.   Tackle Tupperware (or all food storage).  Pull it all out and make sure every top has a bottom and every bottom has  top.  If not … Out.
b.   Spices. Contrary to what my grandmother believed … spices do not last forever.  They eventually lose their flavor.  Ground spices 3-4 years and leafy spices 1-2 years.  And here’s a quick tip … write the year the spice was purchased on the lid.
2.     Living Room
a.   Take a look around the room and see what items have homes they can be returned to.  Sometimes a quick returning of things to their proper homes will declutter a room in a very short time.
b.   Magazines.  First item to make a room feel cluttered.  Last thing to be reread. Be honest about the time and interest you have and put magazines in the recycle bin.
3.     Bathroom
a.   Sart with under the bathroom sink.  That’s the first place to become a clutter catch all.  Cleaning products you longer use.  Out.  Bath toys the kids have outgrown? Out.   
b.   How about sunscreen?  It’s designed to last for 3 years but if it’s older than that, it loses it’s efficiency.
4.     Bedroom
a.    Let’s declutter those nightstands.  Nothing gets the day off to a bad start than waking to a pile of clutter.  How many of those books stacked up there are you going to actually gonna read?
b.   We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.  So let’s get real about all the clothes spilling out of our closet.  Doesn’t fit?  Out.  Regret buying it and will never wear it? Out!
5.     Garage
a.   Only 25% of American’s can park their cars in their garages.  Garages are the biggest offenders of clutter.  Let’s start with sports equipment.  Broken, worn out, no one plays that sport any more?  Out.
b.   Boxes of old paperwork?  Check with your tax advisor about what you really need to keep and shred the rest! If it’s a lot more than your little home shredder can held, consider calling a mobile shred company.

It is best to these projects up into manageable time chunks. Remember, Rome didn’t get cluttered in a day so it’s not going to get uncluttered in day. Use National Declutter Day as the day to kick off your decluttering.

Good luck!

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Cocktails at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Last night, Hubby and I planned on a quick trip to Epcot to hear Air Supply during the Food and Wine Festival Eat to the Beat Concert Series.  But at the end of the day, we were both tired so decided on an alternative plan--cocktails at Walt Disney World's Wilderness Lodge

We started with cocktails in the Territory Lounge. It's a quaint lounge with comfortable seating (tables with leather chairs, wingback chairs, and small sofas) and friendly service. 

After looking at the menu, we decided to order the Neapolitan Pizza, and yummy, it did not disappoint! (The menu is limited as this is a lounge, not a restaurant, but as you can see there is a variety of options.) 

Then, we moved outside to Geyser Point Bar and Grill. It was my first time at this location (which opened about a year ago).  It is considered "quick service dining" but don't let that fool you.  There is an area where you can order food at a counter, but there is also a bar area with wait staff.  A limited menu is available in the bar area.  It was a beautiful night out, so we sat on the water while enjoying a second round of cocktails. 

We chose not to order another appetizer, but the menu looked tempting. 
(I saw a couple next to us enjoying the Brisket and it looked delish.)

We walked around the river for a few minutes before heading back home. It was a nice evening and the perfect location for a mid-week date night. 

What is your favorite spot for cocktails at Walt Disney World?

Monday, September 04, 2017

Disney Bound: Mickey Mouse Inspired Outfit

This is such a quick and easy Mickey Mouse (or perhaps Minnie Mouse) inspired outfit for a trip to Disney!

I found the Mickey Ears, Bracelet and Crossover bag on
I found the yellow beaded necklace at Versona.
Add a black top and a pair of red shorts!

Of course, red lipstick is a must!

I love the app Color Pop on my phone!

Here is me with my pal Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom. 

Disney Cruises aren’t just for the Disney Fanatics (Guest Post)

Written by Chris Incorvia

Everyone that knows us, knows my wife, Brandy, is obsessed with all things Disney. We have never passed anything Disney in a store without stopping to see it and she can tell you just about any random fact about Disney (which makes her good at this Disney Planning Gig). However, I am a different story.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to Disney World with our children. There is something magical about that place. When she suggested we take a Disney Cruise over all the other cruise lines I had sailed with before, I thought she had gone too far.

She’s the planner though, so I went along with it. All the while thinking about how it was going to be so “in your face” Disney and child centered that I would be bored and sick of it all by day two. I knew there was no way I would enjoy this cruise as much as my past cruises. Of course, she knew what she was talking about and was right (just don’t let her know I admitted that).

Here are some of the myths that are busted after I sailed with Disney Cruise Line:

1) All cruises are the same.
Before we sailed Disney, I didn’t think there was any difference in the cruise lines. Yes some ships have different offerings and sail to different places, but they all are the same, right? Well after the first day on the ship, I knew that wasn’t right. First, the Cast Members bring a level of service to the cruise experience that I hadn’t experienced before. We have two of the pickiest eaters ever, but our wait staff went out of the way to bring my children what they loved every evening, even when that meant going up to another kitchen for something else. It wasn’t just in the dining room. The entertainment staff knew us by day two and would stop and talk to the children and us whenever they saw us around the ship. Every Cast Member we met was willing to do whatever they could to make sure we were having the best time.

2) It is only for children.
Before we boarded, I had visions that all the activities would be centered around 6 year olds. I thought there would be dancing with princesses, drawing with Chip and Dale, and sword fighting with pirates. Those activities were happening for our children in the kids’ club, but my wife and I were laughing uncontrollably at the adult only hypnotist show, relaxing in the sauna, or taking an animation class. There was even showings of new movies that we hadn’t had time to go see yet. There was live music for dancing, mini golf, trivia (both Disney and adult only), classes where you learn to cook, characters to visit, the AquaDuck to ride (10 million times), cars to build from vegetables (we won Disney medals), baby races, and much much more. The problem was there wasn’t enough time to do everything we wanted to do.

3) It is too expensive.
When my wife said how much the cruise was, I started to say, but wasn’t the other cruise we were looking at less expensive? I decided to just go with it because I knew she was excited about the Disney Cruise. What I didn’t realize looking at the price was that much more is included in the price of a Disney Cruise over other lines and the quality of everything is better.
We had taken an anniversary trip on another line and had a good time, but there were surcharges for everything from soda to the nicer dining. Granted, Disney Cruise Lines does offer adult only dining at an extra charge however, our dining room experience was as great as those nicer options from the other cruise lines. And whatever you do, don’t ask Brandy about the quality of the shows on the other lines. She will never let me live that disappointing fact down.

4) There will be no sports.
Admittedly as much as Brandy loves Disney, I love sports. I love them all. If there is a chance to watch a game, or see the recap and analysis of a game, I am watching. I mean our wedding vows included references to baseball, basketball and football.
When Brandy booked our cruise for October, I was about to go and see a divorce lawyer. Did she forget that October is World Series time? She assured me that I would be able to watch the games and all the analysis surrounding it all, but I knew she was just trying to get me on the ship and hope I would forget about baseball for a week. What I didn’t know was there was a sports bar I could catch up on my viewing all day long, plus ESPN was on my stateroom tv. She went to enjoy the spa one day while our children were making cupcakes in the kids’ club and I had fun drinking a beer and watching games with other dads.

These are just some of the reason why I loved the Disney Cruise. It has become our favorite family vacation because it combines activities with relaxation like nothing else. So maybe that wife of mine knows something.

Interested in a Disney Cruise? My friends Brandy and Chris can help you plan it!  Please tell them "Another Online Mom" sent you!  

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Nightmare Before Christmas (Halloween Merchandise 2017)

I was recently shopping at World of Disney at Disney Springs, and took a few pictures of the Halloween 2017 Disney Merchandise featuring "The Nightmare Before Christmas" to share with you. 

Saturday, September 02, 2017

A great alternative to a Disney Rain Poncho

How many times have you been in the parks at Walt Disney World and it started to rain? 
(It's Florida, it's going to happen.) 

I have tons of rain ponchos in my vehicle that I carry with me--some from Disney and some from the dollar store. Yes they work, but let's be real. So not attractive!

Well, I found a great alternative for you...and it costs basically the same ($19.90).  
Uniqlo at Disney Springs is offering three colors of Water Repellent jackets at this time! My pictures failed to get the details of the jacket but they are Mickey Mouse inspired. 


Thursday, August 31, 2017

#ForceFridayII - Star Wars Merchandise Event AT MIDNIGHT

Force Friday II weekend kicks off on September 1, and with it the launch of new products inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Lots of new merchandise will be released at retailers around the country.
Target has an entire section ready (saw signs today).

I can't wait to see what new merchandise is coming, but in the meantime, below are some of my favorites (already in stock) from World of Disney at Disney Springs!

Check out this video from Disney Park Blog:

HERE is the official information released from Disney about the new merchandise coming: 
New Star Wars themed merchandise and more will land in our galaxy at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts on 
September 1, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. (Midnight).*

Will you be there at midnight!? Let me know.

Playing around at Chapel Hats at Disney Springs

One of my favorite things to do at Disney Springs is try on the different hats at Chapel Hats!

Admit it, we all like to play dress-up still!
The staff is friendly and they like to help you try on hats too!

Just for fun (ha!)

I didn't try this one on, but if you are heading to Daper Day in November, it's a great option!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Amorette's Patisseries Mickey Mousse (Yes Mousse)

On Friday, I made my first visit to Amorette's Patisserie, the high end pastry shop at Disney Springs. 

THIS is the whole reason I went...this Mickey Mousse (yes Mousse, not Mouse) adorable treat!
Chocolate Chiffon Cake, Dark Chocolate Mousse and White Chocolate Mousse $8

Yes, it was as delicious as it looks!

I decided to also try the Wine Slushee while there. It was nice. 
Perhaps a little too sweet, but definitely refreshing on a hot Florida day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Photos from Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2017

This year did not disappoint! Here are a few pictures from Opening Night (August 25, 2017) of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World!

The Firework Display party was amazing as well:

Speaking of fireworks:

My favorite shot of the night!