Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just can't keep up!

Pre-children, I was given the latest Palm Pilot and was so thrilled. It would hold Excel and Word files. Three years later, I don't think it would even sell on eBay for a buck, due to the popularity of the Blackberry or iPhone. Technology seems to change daily...doesn't it!?

And the Internet changes even faster. Last Spring, my nephew's wife started a myspace page for me. About the time I learned how it worked, my sister tells me that myspace was so yesterday, and that I need to get on facebook. Okay, mission accomplished.

So, I think I am all on the up and up, right? Um wrong. This weekend, I hear about the hottest new site, Second Life. My brain doesn't even understand the concept but I'm sure I'll be on there before long (ha).

See ya online...

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