Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Pictures of Mom!?

Once we returned home from the beach today (it was a great day!), I downloaded 91 photos to Snapfish, and shared all with my parents. Dad emailed me,"Loved the pictures of the kids, but there is only one picture of you. Do you have more to share?"

Um, that we would be no. I am a "mom" now, remember? I am never IN the photos.

Brings me back two years ago...Christmas 2006...Princess Mimi's godparents had went up north to visit Godfather's parents. It was their little girls first Christmas. During the unwrapping of gifts, Godmother took tons of pictures of their little angel with her new toys, and Godfather took tons of pictures of baby with his parents, uncles, aunts, etc. Godmother realized that not one photo was taken of her. She felt very left out, and called me on her cell phone in tears.

I then realized that my Christmas morning was much of the same. I had taken tons of pictures of hubby with Princess Mimi (Tom Tom was still baking in my tummy), before handing hubby the camera and asking "Can I please get in one photo!?" He sensed I was disappointed and promised to make a better effort to include me in our photos.

Well, since then, I have gotten used to it--and I was smart enough to buy a digital camera with a self-timer, but it would be nice to occasionally have my photo taken with my babies. Oh well, just another day of being a mom I guess :)

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