Monday, April 21, 2008

To V or Not to V?

To V, or not to V: that is the question...

The vasectomy that is. Although my husband is willing and ready, I can't make up my mind. Truth be told, two kids are a handful, but something about a third baby seems so right to me.

A little hubby is approaching 44 and I am soon to be 36. I know our ages should tell us to stop. Factor in our limited income (I work part-time). And, consider the fact I almost died during childbirth with my second child. I should be ready to say "NO MORE BABIES!"

But I'm not.

Yes, I know, I know...I have a boy and a of each...I should be satisfied, right?

But I'm not.

Friends aren't much help (bless them for trying). They will tell me "Oh, vasectomies are reversable today!" True, but at a high cost and with a low success rate.

So someone please tell me, how do I make this decision, and feel comfortable with that decision?

Oh Shakespeare, share your wisdom with me!

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Amy said...

You know what my advice would be...have a third...hell have a fourth and fifth! LOL