Saturday, May 10, 2008

18 kids!?!

Did you see that Michelle Duggar announced she is pregnant again with her 18th kid !? You've seen her on TLC, I'm sure.

A part of me says, "Good for her!" They have the money. They have the energy. Enjoy!

And, a part of me says, "But WHY!?". Why so many kids? What is her reasoning? I mean, Do her kids really feel loved? I can't imagine that the older kids ever get one-on-one time with either parent. (I have two kiddos and barely get alone time with one kid!) From what I have seen on tv, the older kids are taking care of the younger kids.

But the big question in my mind, after 17 kids, can sex even be enjoyable for her hubby!? Imagine how "stretched out" she is at this point!?! WHEW! Better yet, with 18 kids in the house, WHEN do they have sex!?!

Yup, just a random thought; I think I'll end it here! :))


Ashlee said...

I did see that she had another baby. I didn't realize she was up to 18 though. Holy cow! I would be pulling my hair out. She has to be heavily drugged, right? I mean...come on!

April said...

Unbelievable!! There's a picture floating around on the internet that has the caption "vagina, it's not just a clown car" and it has a picture of her!! I think that's hilarious and yes, I've only got TWO kids in the house and finding time for Marvin Gaye time is enough with just them, can't imagine 18 - wouldn't she be breaking the law for homeschooling - more than 15 to a classroom??!!?? LOL
Thanks for stopping by my site the other day! Have a great weekend.

cardiogirl said...

Oh. Wow. I had not heard about the newest pregnancy. Last I heard about them, she had just delivered the 17th child. Damn.


I just have no words. I have three kids and it's exhausting, truly. 18 kids. Damn.

Maybe the last three kids were an immaculate conception?