Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5 days to flight: AVIOPHOBIA

So, last night I was searching online and came across a (free!) "Fear of Flying" online seminar written by airline Captain Stacey L. Chance. At first I thought, "this looks hoakie", but then I started reading it and kept going through all five chapters. It did help calm by fears quite a bit about turbulance, but then it reminded me about claustrophobia (Oh great, a new worry. ha!)
The web site also gives a pretty good checklist for success:

By the way, did you know there is a term for fear of flying? It is Aviophobia or Aerophobia.


Allyson & Dave said...

You do know that turbulance has never caused a plane to crash. 99% of all crashes are pilot area. So you have no reason at all to let the turbulance scare you.

Katy Leach said...

Not sure if you listen to the Monsters in the Morning on 104.1, but one of the guys there had a HUGE fear of lying and he did a seminar and it really helped him on his last flight. Good luck!!!