Tuesday, May 20, 2008

6 Days to Flight: Survivoral Pack

I decided to put together a "suvivoral pack" for the plane ride--you know, a backpack of goodies to help me through next week's flight. So far, I have a couple of new magazines (Self, Marie Claire, Prevention) and a new book to read (New Panic Attacks).

I had my hubby load up his iPod with some of my favorite songs--mostly Kenny, Tim, and Alan! And of course, I will have my laptop.

I will also have my Xanax (yea!), Goldfish crackers (incase I feel queasy), and chewing gum. So can you think of anything else I may need? Suggestions wanted!

(I have to admit, having Pneumonia this week has taken my mind off the flight somewhat...well, that could be the codone cough syrup I was prescribed yesterday!)

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