Wednesday, May 14, 2008

6 Quirky Things About Me!

Following suit, from Lindsey at What Would Kate Gosselin Do? I am going to tell you six quirky things about me.

1. I have six different email addresses. Not sure why. It started with one on hotmail, then another on juno for junk mail, then one on yahoo for selling on Craigslist, then I started a new one on gmail for the blog world, next is my home account, and of course there is a work email.

2. I love watching Curious George cartoons! I say Princess Mimi likes them, but truth is, it's me!

3. I can't wait for the mailman to get here everyday. I run to the box each day at 3pm. Many days, it's only bills or junk mail, but, oh the fun of getting a new Pottery Barn catalog or Southern Living magazine.

4. I am addicted to sweets: cookies and cake are my favorite. But don't try to give me regular Hershey chocolate; I'm a Godiva girl!

5. The clothes in my closet are color coordinated. I love to organize my clothes!!

6. I'm not big on shoes. I know, most women love designer shoes, but I chose the basics.

Okay, I tag Jenna to go next!


Lindsey said...

I am SO number 3 and 6! Oh, and we call my daughter Mimi too!

Sandy C. said...

I LOVE pottery barn catalogs too. I've never bought anything from there, but I love looking anyway :)

Wanna come visit my closet and coordinate? ;)