Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Every time we turn on the television or open the paper, the news is gloomy. Gas prices are up. Grocery prices are up. Fires or flooding or tornadoes have hit again. It's hard to feel "abundance" in such times.

But truth be told, "abundance" is all around us. We just fail to recognize it. (Author Candy Paull says, "Abundance is not how much I own, but how much I appreciate.") We have to learn, each day, to look for this "abundance" (those little details in life that God has given us!). Please take a minute today to look for His gifts in your life.

I have found abundance today in...

  • the two adorablebaby bunnies Princess Mimi and I found in our backyard (see photo!)

  • butterflies against a blue, blue sky

  • a smile and wave

  • the taste of fresh strawberries

  • the smell of a steak sizzling on a neighbor's barbecue

  • a 20-minute walk in the fresh air

  • fresh flowers on the dinner table

  • wind chimes in a garden

  • the crispness of fresh lemonade

  • the smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies

1 comment:

nola said...

Good for you for seeing the glass is half full!!