Friday, May 02, 2008

Geez Girls!!

Why is it so hard for women to make one plan and stick to it!? You can put 100 men in a room, and they will agree. Yet, you put six women together and everything goes haywire!

My husband always accuses me of "changing my mind" and I guess as women we do it often, but why? Is it a hormonal thing? Why can't we just "go with the flow" more often?

Tomorrow is my 5k at EPCOT. It's been planned for two months. The original plan was to have us walk the race, relax at the pool for a bit, and then drink at EPCOT the rest of the day. Well, the emails started yesterday. One won't wear a bathing suit; two more would prefer to go on rides instead of the pool; and another never even signed up for the race!

Come one gals! Why do we (women!) have to make life so darn complicated!? No wonder we drive men crazy. Darn hormones!

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