Thursday, May 29, 2008

Re-charging the batteries!

I met two girl friends tonight for a quick bite at Brio's. (You can't beat their Lobster Bisque!) As a mom, I sometimes forgot how important is for me to "recharge my battery" on a regular basis. (Meaning, getting out of the house without my two precious kiddos). I sometimes feel guilty when I don't have my two kiddos in tow, but deep down I know how important it is for me to retain positive friendships.

It was so nice to unwind ... discuss our favorite tv shows....the latest on our jobs ... and of course, just a touch of gossip! So thank you Dawn & Allyson for a great time tonight! :)


Well I Do Declare said...

Yum! I love Brio! They are building one right near my house... I can't wait :)

nola said...

Sounds divine!!!