Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shopping trip to Target

Good news: All the Cynthia Rowley summer picnic/beach stuff was half price today at my Target! Cute napkins, towels, picnic baskets, plastic wear, iced tea jugs, totes, cooler bags, lawn games--you have to check it out! *update--my sister said it's all sale at her Target in LA too!*
Bad news: Knowing I was going to the pool today with both kids, I decided to shop at Target for floaties. They didn't have the standard arm floats, but it didn't matter because I saw this great "swim sweater" ( I am thinking "HOW AWESOME!" There several great products based on ages. I was debating Step 1 or Step 2, and get the Step 2 swim sweater. Ugh, Wrong! First, you have to blow it up with a bike pump (I couldn't blow my own hot air!). Second, while Princess Mimi can't wait to put it on (and model it for everyone), the minute I put her in the pool, she screams and hates it. So I try it on Tom-Tom but it's too big and he just topples over. Dang, they looked so neat and I am so disappointed that my kids didn't take to it. Oh summer fun.

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