Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh the car ride!

Oh, the car ride.

The PLAN was to get in the car around 6pm, the kids would fall asleep around 7:30/8:00, and we would arrive at our hotel at 10:00pm.

Well, didn't quite go that well. At 9:30pm the kids were still WIDE AWAKE and more than ready to get out the car.

Mimi kept repeating, "Are we at Granny and Pop Pop's yet?"

Hubby kept repeating, "Can you just give them some Benadryl?"

Tom-Tom kept repeating, "WWHHHHAANNN!"

And Mom kept repeating, "Oh, lord help us tomorrow when we have seven hours in the van!?"

P.S. Husband is now calling me "Kate" (Kate Gosselin) because I am too organized and too bossy these past couple of days. Funny thing, I actually take it as a compliment!!

P.P.S. We did arrive safely in Louisiana. As mentioned early I will be re-posting some early blog entries during the week while I am spending time with the family. Enjoy!

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nola said...

Welcome to town!! Let me know if you have any free time.