Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh yea, the Oprah story

I forgot to answer you all! When I did the "100 Things About Me" post, many of you wanted to know why I was on Oprah.'s the Spring 2001, my mom and I were going on a trip to Chicago (we used to take a mom-daughter trip once a year). I was trying to find tickets to see the Oprah show so was playing on the Oprah web site.

I saw an area on the site where you could comment on upcoming shows. One of the topics was "Women and Alcohol". If I remember correctly all theses studies came out around that time showing that men could have 2 drinks a day but the benefits weren't the same for women (or something like that).

So I wrote in something like "I am 26 and single, and I see nothing wrong with drinking. My friends and I meet often over a bottle of wine. It helps me losen up and enjoy the conversation. I also occasionally drink for pain relief". (I was suffering from endometriosis at the time.)

Well, not even 3 hours later, a producer from the show called me and asked me more questions! She then had me over-night some photos and videos of myself to her. A few days later, they booked a flight for mom and I, and we were off! It happened so quickly.

I remember my boss was not happy at the time and didn't want me to do it. (I was working for a faith-based nonprofit and he was worried about the "drinking" topic). And, I recall some of my family worried that I would embarass them. (Okay, chill, it was Oprah, but Jerry Springer!) But I was young and knew it was a "once in a lifetime" experience.

Oprah paid for our flights, hotel rooms, limos, etc. It was great. We had to wake up early and get to the studio for hair and makeup...and I had to do my voiceovers for my segment--you know the "Dear Oprah" letter. Oh, and get this, the show was LIVE that day, for all days! But it was fine.

They highlighted 5 or 6 women who drank on a regular basis...just an open discussion on drinking and if it was acceptable and when. And there was an author of a new book (was it called Happy Hours!?! Again, 2001, so I don't recall too well--ha!)

I didn't really meet one on one with Oprah. As a guest of the show, I was able to take home that book (these were the days before the audience would take home $100s worth of prizes--ha).

After the show's taping, mom and I went shopping on the Mile, and I remember a few women stopping me, "Were you on Oprah today!?" Kinda cool. My five minutes of fame!

I hope that answers all your questions--if not, comment me! :)


Jules said...

LOL, awesome! You LUSH! :)

Toni said...

That is pretty cool!!! Wow.

3XMom said...

wow, cool! How did it come out? Were they negative about casual regular drinking?

nola said...

That is totally awesome. Too bad it was before the good loot days!! ;)

Jennifer said...

3xmom, they were fine with casual drinking! But they did talk about the warning signs of becoming an alcoholic.