Thursday, June 26, 2008

Packing, packing, packing

I just realized that I am way too anal organized. I have notes EVERYWHERE.

I have notes on all four bags on what I need to add at the last minutes (kids blankets, my makeup, hubby's shave bag). I even have clothes laid out for all of us labeled "to wear in the car on Friday". And, I have notes on the kitchen cabinet to remind myself to turn up A/C and run dishwasher. Sometimes I think I am my own worse enemy! ;)

Oh, and on a funny note, I have packed more shoes for Princess Mimi than I did for myself! lol. What am I teaching my poor kid!? :))


Kate said...

I am totally the same-post it notes EVERYWHERE!

pixie4bears said...

Don't feel bad if it keeps you organized! I wish I was like that :)

Oh, I also tagged you in my blog entry. Check it out when you have time. Enjoy your trip.

Jules said...

I do the same thing...lists list lits...and i do the "what yt pack at the last minute" list too. Too funny!

Have fun!