Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Please don't send me your POOP pictures!

So, yesterday my sister gets an email from her sorority little sister. There were several pictures of her little girl, and one was labeled "first poop". My sister opens the picture expecting to see a picture of the little girl on the potty, but instead sees a GIANT TURD sitting in the toilet.

Um, no thank you!!

In fact, last week, I was watching a "Jon & Kate Plus 8" episode where Kate says she takes pictures of the kids' first poop. Okay, I would never do that personally. But if your family chooses to take that picture, great---just please don't email it to me! Thank you. :))


akeorlando said...

Throwing up in my mouth! This is why I don't like kids! Ha ha ha!

nola said...

Dear God, please, please, please let that NOT BE ME!!!! I say that only because I kept the umbilical cord and I SWORE I wouldn't, it's so gross!