Friday, July 18, 2008

Dryer update/The Gunk

Remember the picture on Monday of the gross stuff coming from my dryer!? Well, Sears is scheduled to come out this morning to look at it.

I'm not too hopeful.

The service guy just called. He says, "I am on my way to your home next. What's wrong with your dryer?" I tell him, "It's leaking an odd liquid." He replies, "Mam, are you aware that dryers don't use fluids."

DUH! That's why I am having you come look at it!!

He then goes on, "Are you aware there is a $65 service fee for me coming by?"

Yea, the person on the initial phone phone call to set up the appointment told me that. And the email confirmation told me. So yea, this is the third time I hear it.

Update: I guess a bottle of bleach (above the dryer on a shelf) must have spilled all over the dryer. The back panel is eroding and the "gunk" is on the internal I can have a short circuit and fire soon! LOVELY. I need to replace the entire dryer ASAP...and get a new power cord too. Oh what fun. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow!? Yup, buying a new dryer.

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pixie4bears said...

LOL! That is too funny. Is it maybe water leaking when you wash that hit an area and is having rust deposits?