Sunday, July 27, 2008

Join me for the 2008 Memory Walk!

Did you know that I worked in the non-profit industry for over five years? I was a fundraiser and marketing guru for a local faith based organization. We fed over 500 noon time meals each week to homeless individuals (adults and children). Although I am no longer employed in the nonprofit arena, I still try to volunteer with various groups in my community as well as participate in various fundraising events each year.

I read about one today that looks of interest: Alzheimer's Memory Walk

The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk® is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research – and it calls on volunteers of all ages to become champions in the fight against Alzheimer's. There are walks in more than 600 communities.

The closest walk to me is in Orlando on October 11th. If you want to join my team, let me know! All I have to do is invite three people, and hopefully, they'll invite three people - and before you know it, we can have a team. And if you leave outside of Orlando, please consider putting together a team for your own local Memory Walk.

Remember, "it takes a village!"

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk


morewineplease said...

What a great cause! I am invloved in a few non-profits myself.. its a great way to give back!!

^a_g_n_e_s^ said...

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