Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay Update

Schools were closed yesterday so the kids missed their "first day". Since they only go 1 or 2 days a week, we have to wait until next week to start. (I love that I paid an entire month's tuiton for Tom-Tom, and he will only attend one day in August--ha!--oh well.)

Actually, schools should have been opened yesterday and closed today in my area, but it's just the opposite. I bet school officials are second guessing their decision. Too late now. (Okay even crazier, I live on the border of two counties. If I leave my neighborhood and go left today, schools are closed. If I leave my neighborhood and turn right, schools are open.)

I shouldn't complain though. I am very glad that Fay turned out to be less of a threat than they thought. I am glad we were prepared. It was a good exercise for the next one.


Jules said...

Glad it missed ya' fam in Sanford adn Oviedo said it was mainly rain & wind!

Little O' Me said...

I would rather be over prepared than good job on being ready!!!

Even though it wasn't much of a storm.