Friday, August 08, 2008

Geez, Just say "DUH!?"

OMG, Where has my head been!? I guess watching too much Dora or Mickey Mouse with the kids because I had no clue about three important things...

I had no idea today was 08.08.08 (very cool date!)

Although I knew the Olympics were about to begin, I didn't realize the opening ceremony was tonight.

And I had no idea President Bush would be in attendance (in China!!!).

Guess I need to start making it a priority to watch the news sometimes, uh!?


louann said...

Teehee. But constantly watching the news can be depressing. It's fine that you've been away from it for a time =)

Angry Julie said...

I watched almost an hour of the Opening Ceremonies until Angry Toddler got bored and demanded that he watch damn Noggin.

President Bush looked totally bored.

morewineplease said...

Dont feel bad, I would not have known unless hubby told me!
It was amazing though!

The Mrs. said...

Apparently 8's are really important to the Chinese. That why they wanted to start it on 8/8/08!