Friday, August 08, 2008

Is August over yet?

I've decided. August is my least favorite month of the year.

  • The heat is unbearable. I feel like the kids and I are stuck in the house. It's even too hot to enjoy the pool or the patio.

  • TV is nothing but re-runs or (very bad) reality shows.

  • Hubby's ride home is an additional ten minutes due to lost tourists on the Interstate.

  • My yard is dried up and the plants looks horrible.

  • And we are always wondering if a Hurricane is looming.
I'm ready for September.

  • College football is in full action.

  • As the temperatures start to drop (slowly, but surely),I can put in new fall plants, & pretty orange and yellow flowers at my mailbox.

  • Mimi turns three so I can plan a "Princess" celebration.

  • I can light Pumpkin scented candles in my home.

  • And, the kids are settled into their school routine.

Oh, I'm counting the days! September, beautiful September. How I long for thee.


louann said...

August for us means storms, storms and more storms! =

At least you have something to look forward to in September!! =)

Just The Girl said...

I am a pumpkin freak...I love the smell and I love fall it's my favorite time of year. Once we hit October I am a different person until January hehe.

Just The Girl said...

I forgot to tell you I found the Magic Shaving Powder at Wal-mart last night for $1.38 WOW! I am going to try it tonight ;) Thanks again for sharing.

Allyson & Dave said...

You know you can watch pre season NFL to hold you over until college football starts. You can cheer on the Dolphins for your hubby!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Funny, as I was walking out the door this morning at 7am in the hot humid air, I turned to tell my husband that I am looking forward to the Fall. I am over the summer. Just am......

I can't wait to be able to take a nap in my car at lunchtime.... :)

Toni said...

Yes, it is hot and my flowers look awful because it is too hot and I am to lazy to water them!!!

Ah September, football, we are going to beach...

PupBud said...

I stumbled across your blog and think we must've just traded places! A year ago our family moved from Florida (lived in south Florida, central west coast of Florida, and finally the panhandle) to the cajun country of Louisiana!
Your blog has been a fun read. I'm glad I landed here!

Camera Clicker said...

Ack. I didn't realize I was signed in on my daughter's account when I left the above comment. I'm really a grown-up with a blog of my own! : )