Tuesday, August 12, 2008

(Official) Weekly Weigh-In

My starting weight was 136.5.
Week 1: 134 (lost 2.5 lbs)
Week 2: 132 (lost 2 lbs)
Week 3 (today): I am 131 (lost 1 lb).
Total: 5.5 pounds (or 6 pounds left to go!)
I know I should be glad I am still losing weight (and I am!), but I am a little disappointed that the weight loss is slowing down. I will say that my tummy feels some what trimmer, and I have so much more energy.


Just The Girl said...

Awesome!!! You go GIRL!!!

Toni said...

You should be proud. I stepped on the scales this morning (I weigh everyday - I know bad, bad, bad) and I had gained 2 lbs from yesterday!!! I thought I did pretty good yesterday. Oh well, you are doing great!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Congratulations!!!! You might want to change it up this week and do something totally different to shock your body. Even eat some different foods or instead of 1200 cals today and tomorrow, you might want to do 1000 one day and 1400 the next day as long as the total at the end is the same. Anything different should break the plateau.I went through the same thing when working toward my goal. Even getting some arm weights and doing it before the cardio.

morewineplease said...

AWESOME!!! That still great! I am very impressed lady!

Allyson & Dave said...

Yay!!! You are going to be a supermodel before you know it.
You Tube 8 minute Abs or 8 minute buns. It is a great addition to the treadmill and only takes 8 minutes!!

louann said...

don't be discouraged! My gym instructor once told me that when weight loss is quite slow, most likely than not, what you've lost will never come back. Unlike drastic weight loss where you can easily gain it back in just a few weeks!