Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is Worse than a Tropical Storm?

A tropical storm is no fun. A flat tire during a tropical storm is REALLY no fun. But fortunately, it happened blocks away from a fire station (near my home!) and two firemen were nice enough to bare the elements and put on the spare for me! Princess Mimi thought it was fun (they gave her a play hat) and Tom-Tom slept through the excitement. I plan to bring them treats on Sunday (their next shift).

FYI: This storm will not go away! In fact, the schools in my county were closed Tuesday and Wednesday; open today (Thursday) but will close again tomorrow (Friday). The winds tonight are the highes they have been in 3 days--gusts around 46 to 50.


morewineplease said...

WELL YEAH FOR FIREMAN!!! Were they cute???

Little O' Me said...

I'm glad they came to your rescue...I hope Fay passes soon!!!

Katy Leach said...

I am getting a little sick of this Miss Fay!! Gavin hasn;t had school at all this week... they called to say TOMORROW is cancled too... SUPER!!!! Ugh!