Monday, September 29, 2008

Shopping for My Hubby

I truly hate to go shopping with my hubby. He is worse than a girl when it comes to picking out office clothes. I started just picking things up for him, here and there (button down shirts, work slacks, etc) but many times I return things because he doesn't like a color or the fit.

Last year, he needed a new suit for Tom-Tom's baptism and I knew nothing about shopping for mens’ suit . We ran to the mall, and actually found something "off the rack" that need some tailoring here and there. In the end it would have been easier to have gotten him a custom suit but didn't even consider it as I figured the prices would be extremely high.

Well last week while talking to a friend, she told me that her hubby gets his suits each year when they visit New York City. They go to this place called "MySuit" 0n Broadway St. (I sure hope they decide to open more locations around the country!) They sell Made to measure suits at close to off-the-rack prices (starting at $495). Storefront_logo

A custom made suit is made in three simple steps. (1) Make an appointment right on the web to have measurements taken at our mid-town store; Up to 30 measurements will be taken. (2) Pick the jacket style and pant style. (3) Pick the fabric. There is a two week turn-around time.

Personally, if I was able to pick out a suit with my hubby at My.Suit, I would go with the classic 2-button jacket and single pleat pant, both in a navy stripe (CN7F S069).

So next time you are New York City with your man please check it out!



Just The Girl said...

I wish sometime mine wore a suit but no (he is a pool builder) so it's no suit here...

morewineplease said...

WOW!!! I will have to check into this for hubby... his last suit was more than our monthly house payment! OUCH - I was so pissed!

The Lining of My Life said...

that is a good price...dont' see us going to NYC anytime soon but luckily he doesn't wear suits that much....just dress shirts with slacks...good post though!

Allyson and Dave said...

Dave went to a similar place in Hong Kong and got suits, shirts, pants and ties. He got to pick out the fabrics and cuts and everything. And they were all made in like a day....with his name stitched in them. For the longest time we thought he got them for free too!!! Until 8 months later the charge finally showed up on the credit card bill.