Friday, October 10, 2008

LSU Shirt at Disney

So I have so much to blog about regarding our two days at Disney, but just had to start with this one. I wore my LSU Tigers Tee shirt yesterday to Magic Kingdom. And wow, did I get some great comments. The best was this cute little lady with a heavy southern accent who said, "I sure hope you beat 'dem Gators, but aren't you a little afraid to wear that shirt in Florida!? I have seen so many LSU shirts here today!" GEAUX TIGERS!!


Momisodes said...

Hahah :) That is a cute pic!

There are several UF rivals down there in Florida. As a U.M. Alum, I have to agree with the little lady ;)

Toni said...

Great pic of you and the kids!

Mamalicious said...

Sorry about your loss :(

We always sport flair anytime we are out of state. That's just what football peeps do!