Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Halloween Finds!

So funny that I mentioned the Jones sodas yesterday, because today's Target ad showed them on sale for $1.50 per 4 pk. I got the last "Candy Corn" flavor at my location, whew.

Then, hubby and I ran to Old Time Pottery where I found some really cute decorations for our Halloween party. I especially love the two boxes (the smaller witch hat box is over 6" tall and the pumpkin box is over 7" tall). I though they would be cute on the serving table. The two candles were on clearance for $1 each, and the little pumpkin was like $1.50. So basically I paid under $10 for these great decorations! I love Old Time Pottery!


Allyson and Dave said...

I love Old Time Pottery for holiday decorations...they are so cheap!!

Toni said...

I love Old Time Pottery. The closest to us is like 30-45 minutes away though. :(

Little O' Me said...

so cute!!!!