Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pinata - In the Making

Remember a couple of weeks back I told you how to make a pinata. Well we are in the midst of it now!
Princess Mimi and hubby started decorating the pinata tonight. To my surprise, she listened carefully to instruction and never got frustrated. (I was worried that she may be too young for this project but she has proven me wrong!)


amyc said...

How fun! What a big girl!

Little O' Me said...

Ok...where's the picture of the finished project or are you guys still working on it.

That's a great project for kids!! I know Lauren would LOVE to do this!!!

Farmer*swife said...

Tell me, tell me now! Maybe I'll have time to make one before our party on Friday. It has to be cheaper than burning the fuel to drive into town and to the fruit market/pinata hut!

Pumpkin looks easy. Please do share.

Oh, and no fair. You have more followers that me too. Crap-diddly. I'm not jealous [Oh, yes, I so totally am.]