Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thank you Mickey Mouse!

So on Friday, we got to Magic Kingdom at 9am. Princess Mimi wanted to see Mickey right away. Our plan was to get on the choo-choo train and head over to Toon Town, but once we got off the train, we realized that Toon Town didn't open until 10am. Fortunately, there were was a little play area for the kids which kept them busy for a few minutes.

As it got close to 9:45am, a few Disney Cast Members (employees) and a photographer came over to the closed off rope (leading into Toon Town). I walked over and asked if Mickey would come out or if a cast member was going to just open the area. (I was trying to figure out if I should pull out my camera or not).

She told me that Mickey and Minnie would greet the crowd prior to opening, so I got my two kids up to the front to see the excitment. (There were several families starting to gather at this point).

Well, Mickey and Minnie came out the front door of Mickey's house, and a cast member screamed "Mickey, please pick one lucky family," and he pointed to my Mimi!!

I wasn't really sure what was happening but new it had to be good! Someone then asked "Who is the family with this young girl?" and we were the only ones let under the rope!

We ended up getting a "private tour" of Mickey's house by Mickey and Minnie. (Characters aren't allowed to speak, but two cast members described the rooms to my kids.) A Disney photorapher followed us around and took tons of photos, too. We toured the house and the garden area, and were then taken into an area for private photos! My children loved the one-on-one attention with M & M (probably a good 5 minutes!). What a wonderful memory!!(I never knew about this little secret--I'm guessing it's part of the "Million Dreams" campaign.)


Just The Girl said...

So cool - I would love to do that to. Maybe when we go in Feb. I will make sure we are up front and waiting, thank you.

Jules said...

very cool!
And I KNOW...what is up w/ them opening Toon Town at 10am? we ewre disappointed in the past when we went there early. Good to know if you wait you might get pulled in like yours did! COOL

Toni said...

Oh My Goodness! That is awesome! What a great treat for Mimi and Tom Tom!!!

The Heckathorns said...

Hello! I came across your blog via Jen @ cheaper than therapy. :) I see you are a Disney lover as well! We live in NE Florida, but had our first trip to Disney this past summer! I am having some WDW withdrawls right about now. :( I would love to experience Disney in the fall!

I love that you wore your LSU shirt at Disney! LOL, we wore our Arkansas stuff and we got the "Look" from what I suspect were Gator and FSU lovers. LOL!

Kristen said...

That is just plain fabulous!!

How awesome for your kids!!!

Now way to top that now is there? Love it, and lucky lucky kids. I guess it pays to be early!! :)

Mamalicious said...

Totally jelous that you got to go to the MK! October is the perfect time of year. Dream come true!


Nomers said...

How cool is that!

Kate said...

That is so cool! I am jealous. What a great memory for your kiddos :)