Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun Accessory for the Holidays

Okay, here is something fun for the Holidays! Inexpensive accessories…and I don’t mean new earrings or a warm scarf. I am talking about eyeglass frames!

Someone pointed out that Zenni Optical has cute eyeglass frames for the Holidays, in great colors like red and green. With prescription glasses starting at just $8, we should all be getting Holiday frames!

Yea, I said $8.00! The red ones above sale for $19 and the green below are only $8. I mean how cute are they!?

Now I will be honest, I never really thought of eye glasses as a fashion accessory. In fact, when I got my first pair at 19, I hated them and never wore them! I felt like just a geek. But in the past few years, they have become more hip!

And for $8, hell, I can get TONS of glasses. (Can I tell you, as a comparison, that my hubby just paid over $160 for his new pair at the eye doctor!?)

Zenni Optical makes it easy order on with a credit card via their web site. You need two things to get started: prescription for corrective eyeglass lens and your pupillary distance.

So check out the Zenni site if you get a minute, and start accessorizing!

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