Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have you checked out Kmart lately?

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When is the last time you have checked out the online shopping at Kmart? I had not done so in a long time but decided to look around some this week. I saw this real cool Attention brand Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater and found out that I could get an extra 10% off if I purchased online. (Heck, online shopping is the best for me since I have the two small kids! I do it all the time as you know.) And the beautiful Abbey Hill Medallion Dream bedding collection is an extra 30% when purchased online.In fact, Kmart's web site is having tons of great "online only" sales. You should check them out too, but let me add that the online discount is only through November 26th. (It never hurts to get a few Christmas items crossed off your shopping list!) Let me also add that the sale price will show up in the shopping cart once you have added an item. Oh and one more thing, through December will also be offering an additional 10% (online only) on the following : women’s plus sleepwear, women’s Attention brand, girls tops, ALL juniors, boys tops, men’s shirts and bottoms, big men’s shirts and bottoms, infant and toddler, and bedding.



Ashley Griffin said...

okay, i think i am beginning to see why the title of your blog is another online mom... you are just a wealth of information!!!

amyc said...

Thanks for the shopping tips!