Friday, November 21, 2008

Speaking of cocktails

Last night, a couple of girlfriends brought me out for Happy Hour. And wow, have I turned into a light weight! I had two glasses of wine (Pinot Grigo) and one beer, and my head and tummy feel yucky today.

Fortunately, hubby has taken some vacation time to celebrate my birthday (five-day weekend!) so he was sweet enough to go pick up a Bacon Egg Cheese biscuit at McD's for me this morning with a large fountain drink (Diet Coke!).

Oh and the kids are even cooperating. We are snuggling in the den under blankets now, with the fireplace lit, watching Cars. Princess Mimi just asked if we could put on our pajamas and I replied with "Mostly certainly!". What a great way to spend my Friday!

No other real "birthday plans" to speak of...I have hinted on many occasions to hubby that I would love a red velvet cake on Monday (my actual birthday) so we shall see if he has listened (hehe).

Off to grab more Tylenol...and (hopefully) a little nap.


amyc said...

Sounds like a wonderful day so far! Happy Birthday weekend : )

Farmer*swife said...

Oh MY! Two glasses of wine and one beer? That Pinot can do it to ya' though if it's been awhile.

Did you eat last night?

I too fear the yucky tummy and headache, so I try to keep myself in proper drinking shape. Meaning, a glass of wine a night -- :-)

Happy Friday! My Favorite Day of the Week!


Tammy said...

The McD's is always a great way to cure the hangover. A lot of grease and bubbles does the trick. Hope you feel better. Happy Friday.

Baseball Mom said...

Been lurking awhile, but thought I would pop in and wish you

Happy Friday :) & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hopefully you feel better soon.

Jules said...

Looks cozy!!

YUMMY Bacon Egg & Cheese Bis-Quit! lol

Jules said...

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY case I forget to mention it on Monday (which I will TOTALLY do)! ha

MOMMY-MOMO said...

I love days like this! Hope you have a great bday on Monday!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I wish I had a lower tolerance then maybe I wouldn't keep on going and going :) But your day today sounds so perfect! I was thinking of lighting the fireplace this weekend too! Enjoy your weekend.

Ashley Griffin said...

now that i have lost almost 60 lbs, i am a lightweight too. 2 big glasses of pino last night just about did me in. glad i was at home!!

The Mrs. said...

I hope you feel better! Ahhh pinot grigio and diet coke, two things I cannot wait to resume after baby comes!!!

Toni said...

Glad you got a night out. Same thing happened to me last Saturday night. I had a few more than a couple of glasses though!

We watched Cars last night, with a fire!

Hope the rest of your birthday weekend is great!