Saturday, December 13, 2008

For those with Teens--Online Education Site

As parents, I think one of our biggest concerns for our children is education. Now my kids are still in preschool, but I know many of you have teens, so I wanted to share information with you about Brightstorm, an online educational site.

At Brightstorm, each course is designed by a classroom teacher and will be in a form of video lessons. Each student can do the course at her own pace and order. Best of all, you can Sign up for a free!

(Let me add here that I took some online graduate courses a few years back and loved it. It was convenient with my work schedule and I could repeat a lesson if I needed. I had no idea that there were lessons for high school students online. I truly think this is the future of our educational system.)

Once registered, you can view courses and teachers, before decided to buy 24/7 access. The value and "funness" provided at this site is like no others on the net. They offer courses in SAT preparation, Geometry, Algebra, History, Writing, and more!

Oh and can also use Brightstorm. If you need to develop your skills so you can help your kids with homework, you can try a course too!


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