Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gift Idea for Hubby's Birthday

My hubby has a birthday coming up soon. Normally, we just go out to dinner with friends and that is his "gift", but this year I want to do a little more. I am thinking about buying him a Digital Photo Frame for his office. You see, my hubby's place of employment limits the number of personal pictures you can have in your office so I like the idea of "rotating photos" on his desk.

The past few weeks, I have seen many digital frames on sale ranging from $50 to $150, so I sat down today to do some research.

I specifically am interested in the CEIVA frames. Why you ask? Well I like the convenience to load photos without having to connect to computer. (Last year my sister gave my parents a digital frame. It was difficult to download the photos and keep updating it. They got really frustrated--they are not the most computer literate--and have never once added new photos to the frame.)

And the price is decent too. I can buy the frame and a one-year picture plan for $129. Plus they are offering free standard shipping until January 10, 2009. Have any of you seen or own the new CEIVA digital photo frame?



Farmer*swife said...

Interesting.... I haven't seen the one you are talking about but sounds like a good gift.

I worked a couple summers ago on a grant project for WorkForce and they were the same way about pictures. Plus, you had to wear pantyhose with almost anything except during the summer months. *GASP*

I haven't worn pantyhose in....well, forever.


Allyson and Dave said...

Seriously??? They limit the number of photos on your desk??? I am looking around my office now and I must have 15-20 photos.

Baseball Mom said...

Sounds like a nice gift. I have not seen this one you are talking about. But it sounds neat. I really want a digital photo frame.

morewineplease said...

I have been wanting to get one of these as a gift, thanks for the heads up..

AND OH SO PRETTY IN HERE!! Love the new look!