Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sit on Santa's Lap: Online Fun

Okay, so it's my usual Sunday afternoon. Kids are napping. I'm still in my pajamas. And I'm looking for fun things online to share with you all!

And, low and behold, I came across this cute site. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes for this fun experience and it's super cute. You see, CEIVA is promoting their unique digital frames by asking you to sit on Santa's lap and tell him you got a wish! All you do is upload a digital photo of yourself, with your name and a wish. Then Santa incorporates you back into the video.

After viewing the video you can email it to a friend or embed the video onto your blog or web site. Pretty simple and really fun. (I added a "sexy photo" of me from a few years back and asked for a new flat screen TV and then emailed the video to my hubby. Do you think he will get the hint!?)

So who is CEIVA anyhow? Well, CEIVA is considered the "Connected digital frame" because you can automatically receive photos to your digital frame from all over the world. The frame connects via phone line or wi fi, and can receive photos directly from a computer or cell phone. SUPER COOL, uh!?

So, now you can get started on your Santa video by visiting:

By the way, 1 random entry selected for each day of the contest to receive a cash prize of $500 per winner. WAHOO! (Hope that's me, hehe!)


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Allyson and Dave said...

We gave Dave's step Mom and frame like that years ago. You could email pictures to it and they would automatically show up on the frame. It pretty neat.