Sunday, December 07, 2008

Still Need a Gift for Him?

So we have roughly two and a half weeks left until Christmas day. I am done with my shopping, yay.

But for those of you who still need a gift for the man in your life, I have a suggestion. Check out the web site for Sierra Adventure Gear. There are tons of "perfect gifts" on this outdoor adventure web site.

Sierra Adventure Gear's web site sales tons of items from camping gear, sunglasses, flash lights to headlamps, knives and watches.

And they offer top brands like Bushnell, Maglite, Safeguard, and NovaTac.

I'm sure you'll find only quality items on the site since the company was created by two outdoor enthusiasts! Sierra Adventure Gear was born on the foundation of an appreciation for life and the adventures of our infinite great outdoors. The team’s travels have taken them all the way from the beautiful deserts of California to the frozen tundra of the Arctic. (Pretty cool, uh?)

The return policy is simple. Sierra Adventure Gear will accept all products that are returned to us in its original condition and within 20 days of our shipping. After 20 days, this policy becomes null and void.

And they are offering free shipping on orders over $75 right now! Let me know if you get anything fun.


The Heckathorns said...

I have my trusty Maglite in my purse at all times. :) I will have to check this out for the Hubs! Oh, and I tagged you! See my blog!

Toni said...

Good for you!!! Way to go!