Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow, It IS December 23rd!

My kids are sleeping, and even hubby is already in bed. I am sitting down to relax and just realized that Christmas Eve is tomorrow, and I haven't done many things I normally do this Holiday season.
  • I only got one tree up this year; not three!
  • We didn't make it to Church ONCE this advent season! (WOW!)
  • We never made it to see "snow" falling which Mimi so badly wanted to do (um that's soap bubbles for those of you outside of Florida).
  • Although Hubby and I made it to Epcot once (to see the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT), we didn't bring the kids to see the Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios (which we never miss!).
  • We never hung our outside decorations and lights. (Our neighbors must think we are Jewish; we are the only home on the block without lights!)
  • We didn't have ONE guest over to enjoy my pretty Christmas China or see my tree.

How the heck did the Holiday season get away from me!? I mean, I had my cards addressed the first of November (yes November) and my shopping was completed by Thanksgiving. I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself--I MEAN THE KIDS HAVE BEEN SICK FOR THREE WEEKS-- but I am just feeling a little "down" about what we didn't do this season.

Oh well, tomorrow will come and I'll soon forget. And before I know it will be 2009, a new year; and I'll have new priorities and new things "to do". I guess the ol' saying is true--life seems to go by faster the older we get!


Mc Allen said...

wow, you got quite alot done before it had even occured to me!! and I totally know what you mean, I barely got things done enough to leave on our trip, totally snuk up on us!! I cant believe 2009 is ONE WEEK away!!!! eak.. LA

Kelly said...

I am such a Scrooge. I can't wait for it to be over. I always swear I do all this stuff, and it never gets done and I am disappointed in myself. It's one of the things I hate about the holidays. February is my time of year - Mardi Gras, my birthday, kids' birthdays in March. I am Supermom in Spring.

Farmer*swife said...

I so get you. Me? A control freak. And, everything has gone smoothly except we didn't make enough cut out cookies (cuz, I was bored and mentally warped after the first three batches with the kids. LOL!)

I finished shopping early and all, but I only wrapped the children's Santa gifts tonight -- so they can see them and admire them for 24 hours before Christmas day.

I also made your good, cream cheese, sugar cookie dough. Speedy chill so I could roll them out and bake late tonight. Obviously, it didn't happen that way.

So, I took my OTC sleep aid tonight hoping that I'll fall asleep and it will stick for a good six hours and then I'll wake refreshed -- pre-morning, when dawn is coming and the kids and hubby are sleeping.

I'll make a nice pot of coffee and roll out cookies and bake them in the silence while singing in my head!

I have gifts to deliver and I sware those awesome tasting cookies will be part of the delivery!!! (Me and Lil'Gal couldn't help taste testing the dough).

Happy, hey, NOW it's Christmas Eve!!!

Nomers said...

Ummm...I haven't even sent my Christmas cards out. I figure it will be a nice surprise for all come new years, LOL! Don't beat yourself up, you have done so much this season on top of taking care of sick kiddos!
Diva loved the "snow" at Disneyland last week! I can't wait to take her to WDW for the Osborne light show. I saw it on the Travel Channel and it looks amazing!

Jenna said...

We are planning to go to Celebration's Now Snowing on Dec. 30, as we too missed out on 2 snow events that we really wanted to see. Maybe you could meet us there. It would be easy for Jamie to meet you after work. Merry Christmas!

M Yeager said...

this was just a strange Holiday Season all around!

Toni said...

You are right - don't be hard on yourself! I to had plans that did not happen! Hope it was Merry Merry one!