Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just can't keep up!

Pre-children, I was given the latest Palm Pilot and was so thrilled. It would hold Excel and Word files. Three years later, I don't think it would even sell on eBay for a buck, due to the popularity of the Blackberry or iPhone. Technology seems to change daily...doesn't it!?

And the Internet changes even faster. Last Spring, my nephew's wife started a myspace page for me. About the time I learned how it worked, my sister tells me that myspace was so yesterday, and that I need to get on facebook. Okay, mission accomplished.

So, I think I am all on the up and up, right? Um wrong. This weekend, I hear about the hottest new site, Second Life. My brain doesn't even understand the concept but I'm sure I'll be on there before long (ha).

See ya online...

To V or Not to V, Part 2

Someone asked me today if I had a decision yet...


"It's not that easy," I told her. "I just wish there was a compromise, but I guess there is not. He wants to shut down the factory and a part of me wants a third baby."

Being a lawyer, she said there just had to be a compromise...You'll never guess her solution...

(keep scrolling)

It's Back! Scoop Night

Tonight is Baskin-Robbins 2nd Annual Scoop Night! Yay; 31-cents ice cream cones will be offered from 5pm to 10pm. For more details, check out their web site:

I'll See You When the Sun Goes Down

A friend of mine lost her grandmother last week, while another good friend suffered a miscarriage. This poem goes out to my two dear friends ... Your both in my thoughts and prayers...

I'll See You When the Sun Goes Down
I'll see you when the sun goes down
And all the stars go crazy,
And Christ returns to claim His throne
Upon this erring earth.

And you and I will be amazed
At all that now seems hazy;
For now is faith, but then will be
The glory of rebirth.

Death will die, and we will sing
With angels at our ears,
And all my love for you will pour
Like rivers from my song.

And joy will never end, for we
Will be beyond the years,
And time before the end of time
Will not seem very long.

How beautiful Creation will
Then be! Much more than now,
When visible to faith alone
As we endure our pain.

How wonderful the gift of grace
From Christ that will allow
Me well to bear my grief until
I see you once again.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What I *Do* Want for Mother's Day

Let me start out by saying that Hubby did very well the past two years for picking out my gift for Mother's Day.
Year one he purchased a beautiful necklace from the K. Bella Jewerly botique on our trip to Destin Beach, FL. Year two he gave me a silver family bracelet (stock photo below).

I'm sure he'll come up with some great ideas again this year, but if he needs help...

Monogrammed sandals

Lisa Leonard Designs (handmade necklaces!)
Mother and Child Bracelet And call me crazy...

Things I Don't Want for Mother's Day

Another bottle of perfume.
(Macy's, please, it is 2008, perfume is so generic! We want something more creative.)
Don't the cell phone companies know that all mothers already own a phone; and, are more than likely stuck in a 3 year contract

I love to receive flowers from my husband, but not on a Holiday. It's nice when he sends them "just because".

It's okay for me to say, "I need to get in shape" but please don't buy me anything fitness related. I will only interrupt that as you saying "You need to lose some weight!"

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Favorite TV Show--tonight!!

I don't have much time for TV (um besides Disney Channel), but hubby and I absolutely LOVE "How I Met Your Mother". The story lines alway surprise me...and I laugh non-stop. I can't wait to see tonight's episode to find out how Barney tells Ted that he slept with Robin! yikes!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Pictures of Mom!?

Once we returned home from the beach today (it was a great day!), I downloaded 91 photos to Snapfish, and shared all with my parents. Dad emailed me,"Loved the pictures of the kids, but there is only one picture of you. Do you have more to share?"

Um, that we would be no. I am a "mom" now, remember? I am never IN the photos.

Brings me back two years ago...Christmas 2006...Princess Mimi's godparents had went up north to visit Godfather's parents. It was their little girls first Christmas. During the unwrapping of gifts, Godmother took tons of pictures of their little angel with her new toys, and Godfather took tons of pictures of baby with his parents, uncles, aunts, etc. Godmother realized that not one photo was taken of her. She felt very left out, and called me on her cell phone in tears.

I then realized that my Christmas morning was much of the same. I had taken tons of pictures of hubby with Princess Mimi (Tom Tom was still baking in my tummy), before handing hubby the camera and asking "Can I please get in one photo!?" He sensed I was disappointed and promised to make a better effort to include me in our photos.

Well, since then, I have gotten used to it--and I was smart enough to buy a digital camera with a self-timer, but it would be nice to occasionally have my photo taken with my babies. Oh well, just another day of being a mom I guess :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

8 days and counting !

Did I mention that I am running (okay, realistically walking!) a 5k next Saturday--and haven't been on the treadmill in weeks!? Uh oh...

We're going to the Beach!

Princess Mimi keeps asking us to go the beach. You know, I am not even sure how she knows what "the beach" really is but none the less, she has been asking for many weeks. So hubby and I were chatting this morning, and decided to head to the beach for a few hours tomorrow with the kiddos.

You would think living in Florida--and at that, only 30 miles from the coast--we'd go quite a bit, but we don't. We usually make a day trip about once a year.

As I started gathering up beach towels, sun block, sand toys, sun umbrella, and bottled water (yup, I know we are not going until tomorrow, I am just a huge organizer!), I started thinking it's not the actual beach I like, but the idea of the beach.

Think about it for a second. We see great photos of couples relaxing under the palm trees with frozen drinks with little umbrella's in hand...or a mom with her young child playing happily in the surf...looks nice, uh? And on tv, we hear the beautiful sound of the ocean waves...or perhaps Jimmy Buffet singing "Margaritaville"...could it get any better? The beach is great, right?

But the truth is, the beach is not very relaxing for me.

The sand creeps into every little crevice of my body--knees, armpits, and yes, my butt! And have you ever tried to chew gum on the beach? After a few minutes, Juicy Fruit becomes gritty.

The kids get hot and sticky, and beg "hold me, hold me!" (It's 90 degrees, please do not hang on me!) And as nice as the water looks, Princess Mimi is alway afraid to go anywhere near the water's edge.

So, yup, I have officially decided, I do not like the beach....I only like the idea of the beach.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Please No More White Tee's!

I am meeting two friends for lunch today. As I was getting dressed a few minutes ago, I realized, I have nothing to wear except white tee-shirts and jeans. What the heck!?! I seriously own like five of them--Ha! What is it with moms and white tee shirts? I simply MUST go shopping this weekend & end this clothing rut!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adorable Clothes for Tots!

I was running early today for a meeting so decided to make a quick dask into Marshalls to buy me a pair of shorts or crop pants, but instead (being a mom!), I found the cutest little dress for my Princess Mimi --and it came with a matching dress for her baby doll! The cost? $9.99! I came home this evening to research online, and found out that the brand is normally sold at Dillard's Macy's, Lord & Taylor, and such higher end dept stores, so I guess I was fortunate to find it out Marshall's.
Check out the line:!

Enough of the headaches: No more selling on Ebay or Craigslist!

Last month, I decided it was time to re-decorate the kids bedrooms. Knowing the first question from my hubby's mouth would be, "And how do you plan to pay for this?", I decided to sell some items. So this is 2008. I try to be the “modern mom” and plan to use eBay and Craigslist this time. I mean, who has time for a garage sale when we have the Internet to help us, right? Um, wrong!

Let's start with Craigslist. I listed a cofee table and 2 matching side tables. (These pieces were my hubby's furniture before we got married). The first email was from a woman who was "so interested" in the coffee & side tables, and "had" to come see them first thing in the morning.

I woke up early and polished the tables. They looked better than I remembered. I left the woman a voicemail on her cell phone and also sent an email. I then ran to Lowe’s to get paint samples to start choosing new colors for the kids’ rooms. But guess what? She never called me back or replied to my email. Guess she wasn't so interested after all?

So, I re-listed the ad. This time I got an email from a young man just starting out on his own and needing coffee tables. He asked if I would take a check. Um, no! (I've been a victim of identity theft in the past, so don't trust checks at all today!) He proceeded to say "Well it's a Capitol One check!"...okay, duh, so cash it at the bank and then come get the tables.

Didn't hear from him for a few days. Then another email, "I think I can come get the tables today." You think?

"Great do you have the cash?" and I get a reply of "Maybe".

Lesson learned, next time I am selling furniture, I will have a regular old garage sale!! People show up with cash at a set time, pick up the item, and leave. It's done in a few hours and I can move on with life.

Lesson 2: EBay. Last month, my mom cleaned out her attic, and as usual all her crap ended up at my house. (Why do parents think we want their old stuff!? As the youngest child, I have had my fair share of hand-me-downs. Over it!) Going through the boxes, I found several of the old McDonald's and Burger King glasses. (Remember before the invention of the happy meal, the fast food chains sold promo glasses?)

I listed tons of these glasses on eBay: Smurfs, Ronald McDonald and gang, Care Bears, Charlie Brown/Camp Snoopy. I also listed the children's crib beddings and some great children's clothing. Over half of my items sold, and I was thrilled.

Thrilled until I did the math! I knew eBay charged a listing fee, but as a first time seller, I never realized they charged a "Final Value Fee" (another 8 or 9% of my profits to eBay).

And, let's not forget all the shipping charges. I did charge enough to recoup my postage fees, but not enough for packaging fees. I mean, who knew how much it would cost for bubble wrap and foam peanuts to wrap up the glass? Whew.

In the end, I made around $50 off eBay. When considering all the hassles involved--taking the photos, listing the item, replying to inquiries, several trips to the post office (with 2 kids in tow!), etc etc--I am done with being a SELLER on eBay.

So back to my point...(and to my friend Dena, you were right) time I want to make a few quick bucks, I will hold a regular, ol' garage sale! It would have saved me LOTS of time and headaches.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Save a few bucks...get free magazines

Looking to save a few bucks? Well, here's a way to get free annual magazine subscriptions! Check out I have been on this site for over six years and can't believe that more people don't know about.

Once registered, you will be asked to complete onlinesurveys. For each survey you complete, you get reward dollars. And, reward dollars can be exchanged for many great items (like movie rentals at Blockbuster), but I love redeeming dollars for magazine subscriptions. I have gotten Marie Claire, Prevention and Business Week! Check it out.

To V or Not to V?

To V, or not to V: that is the question...

The vasectomy that is. Although my husband is willing and ready, I can't make up my mind. Truth be told, two kids are a handful, but something about a third baby seems so right to me.

A little hubby is approaching 44 and I am soon to be 36. I know our ages should tell us to stop. Factor in our limited income (I work part-time). And, consider the fact I almost died during childbirth with my second child. I should be ready to say "NO MORE BABIES!"

But I'm not.

Yes, I know, I know...I have a boy and a of each...I should be satisfied, right?

But I'm not.

Friends aren't much help (bless them for trying). They will tell me "Oh, vasectomies are reversable today!" True, but at a high cost and with a low success rate.

So someone please tell me, how do I make this decision, and feel comfortable with that decision?

Oh Shakespeare, share your wisdom with me!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bathing suits made for a mom!

So, let's face it. I am not 20 anymore. I am no longer a size 4, or even a size 6. I have had two kids. I need a bathing suit that fits. I need to hold up the girls (sidenote: I was a C-cup before kids, and am now a DD!!!). I need to hide the tummy because I don't have the energy to suck it in anymore.

Well, I found two perfect swimsuits at LandsEnd. And even better, they were both in the overstock section (love it!). I got a two piece and a one piece. Check it out for yourself:

Friday, April 18, 2008

If you can meet a mate online, why not a best friend?

Amy and I became best friends about two years ago, when our daughters were a few weeks old. We had so much in common. We were both first time mothers who were leaving full time jobs to stay at home. Our husbands had stressful jobs that kept them working long nights so many times we turned to each other for adult conversation.

Even better, we have many of the same believes when it comes to raising children, religion and politics. We love to talk about movies, celebrity gossip, and the best new self-tanner on the market.

Last summer, we both became pregnant for a second time. We would joke about how many times we would hear "You are having another baby already? Are you crazy?" And, ironically, we gave birth to our sons within days of each other.

What makes our friendship unique compared to other best friends? Amy and I have never met in person. You see, Amy and I met on a bulletin board for new mothers.

It's kind of crazy; I have tons of "mom friends" nearby (including my daughter's Godmother who lives five minutes away & I haven't spoken to in 6 weeks!), yet I have this "online buddy" who knows everything about me and my kids than possibly my husband.

Welcome to the modern world, uh? I mean, if I can find my husband online, why not a best friend?


Hi all! Well, my name is Jen. I am a mom. I am addicted to the Internet. (Of course, when my husband says that I totally deny it, but truth is, the Internet is my connection to the world!)

So, I have decided to start this blog. My hopes is to share some daily trials and tribulations of the "modern mom", with a comical twist at times, so you other moms don't feel alone in this world!

Don't worry, I won't be bragging about my kids or sharing their monthly growth charts. (I have another personal blog for that).

This blog is for myself. It's for me to have a creative outlet. It's for me to find a new support system. It's for me to find happiness with other moms. It's for me to feel like life is "okay". I hope you enoy reading!