Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24: New Beautiful Frugal You

Probiotics is a term we hear on the news often these days. Basically, it's "good bacteria". They are important to regulate your digestive system, and perhaps even good for overall health.

Well for me, when my "gut" in in order, my skin is beautiful. So once or twice a month, I pick up a four pack of DanActive drinks or Activa yogurt. (I find coupons on a regular basis in the Sunday paper).

My kids also like to drink them. (Tom-Tom has eczema and some research says probiotics can help this skin condition). I also give my kids extra yogurt after a course of antibiotics (which seems to be often in our home!)

Another way to get probiotics on a regular basis is to pick up probiotic supplements at the Health Food Store or Pharmacy.


Toni said...

I have never tried these...

M Yeager said...

How funny you should post about this because I was thinking I should try these because I get sick ALL the time!