Thursday, February 05, 2009

Funny tee shirts

I was organizing our bedroom drawers the other day and realized that my hubby has three entire drawers of old tee shirts. He has college shirts (FSU), football logo shirts (Miami Dolphins), YMCA shirts, Disney tees, you name it! I tried to get him to throw some out, but he won't. (Such a man, uh!? ha).

As a woman, my closet is filled with white tees (most of which are stained--ha)...However, I do wear tee printed tee shirts during college football season or on holidays, like Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day. But I know many teenagers and college kids wears shirts on an almost daily basis. And I bet they get lots of them from crazy dog tshirts!

I found this web site today and it’s cracking me up. (You can see a few of my favorites in this post.) They offer holiday tees, 80s tees, funy tees, and more. Oh and they even Halloween tee shirts for men, women and DOGS! So check out the site if you get a minute. Maybe you will find a shirt for someone you love.


Oh and bonus TIP: If you order more than three tee shirts, you get free shipping, and there is also a "sale" section.



Tiffany said...

Another funny T-Shirt Web site is LOL to the stained white T-shirt...I had enough problems with this before I had a baby no with a 3 year old I don't even buy white anymore :)

morewineplease said...

I love this kind of stuff!

Jules said...

I LOVE funny T's but I never buy them. The That's Shady shirt is a hoot. I might have to go shopping!

tollesons4him said...

I love t-shirts, if I could I would wear them all the time. I need to check out this site.

Kim said...

My husband has so many of those t-shirts. Although he has a lot of clothes, he will wear the same shirts over and over. He doesn't care what they look like. After I am sick of seeing the same old tired shirts, I throw them away while he is at work.
I do hate to add that I have some stained white tees.

Toni said...

Those are great!!!

I am as bad as your husband, I still have a lot of my concert and vacation tees!