Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mardi Gras King Cake Recipe

I think most of y'all know I am originally from South Louisiana. Even though I now live in Florida, I still love Mardi Gras...especially king cake.

So I found a great recipe for King Cake that I wanted to share with you: http://www.gumbopages.com/food/dessert/king-cake.html
If you prefer to order a premade king cake, you can try Rouse's or Haydel's.

Mardi Gras (aka Fat Tuesday) this year is February 24, 2009. (The date of Mardi Gras fluctuates this year based on the date of Easter.) What many don't realize is that Mardi Gras is a "season" that begins on January 6th (Three Kings Day) and goes through Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras season ends at 11:59pm on Fat Tueday as the next day is "Ash Wednesday". Pretty interesting uh?

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Allyson and Dave said...

Is the King cake the one that has the plastic baby in it??? I choked on one of those once. They told me I won because I got the piece with the baby in it. I don't think choking was a very good prize!!! I was only 7 at the time.

tollesons4him said...

I have never had King cake before but sounds interesting.

Mo said...

I've had King cake once and loved it.

Never been to the real Mardi Gras celebration but to many a party before.

Does this time of the year have you longing for "home"?

Impulsive Addict said...

I love any holiday that lets me drink and eat cake! Sign me up! I've never been to Mardi Gras before but I would totally flash someone for some sparkly beads! No..I'm kidding. I think I'm all talk! =)

Lindsey said...

I have never made a king cake, but may need to attempt it this year. I brought one back from my recent trip to NO for my son's preschool class. Thanks for posting this!

Toni said...

I have not had a king cake in years.