Saturday, March 21, 2009

Privacy Harbor's free email system

I was asked to tell my blog readers about a private and free email system from Privacy Harbor.'s private and free email system keeps your messages out of the hands of advertisers and others who want to see your email. You don't want people reading your letters or listening in on your phone calls, so why would it be acceptable for spammers and companies to pry in on your email? The clear answer is, it's not.

Keep every message private, safe and secure with free email service.
  • Free email service with upgrade options .Secure email account with no ads or marketing partners keeping your personal information.
  • You own your content not us
  • Anti-spam and virus protection to avoid ever getting spam in your inbox.
  • See when a person has read your sent message
  • Ability to retract messages that you sent in error.
  • Individual nad company-wide folder organization
  • Premium phone and chat support with remote diagnostic tools
  • Ability to send large attachments
Best of all it's easy to use. Use to send all your email because your conversations should be private.

Sounds good? Then, click here to get your private, free email account(




Mega said...

I've been using PrivacyHarbor for about 5 months now and just recently upgraded my account --- the cool feature to me is having the ability to pull back an email and the "no ads" is nice too...I use my PrivacyHarbor account to keep the "good stuff" from my other free email accounts - and am very pleased with the service - it's worth checking out if you are concerned about privacy or if you want to have private email communications between yourself and another party. Good stuff!!!

Disperser said...
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