Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shopping for Maternity Clothes (NO NOT ME!)

Shopping for maternity clothes can be fun, especially for the first time mom. However, finding cute, comfortable clothes at budget prices can be difficult.

I recommend to my pregnant friends to first start shopping on eBay. There are many quality brand name maternity clothes (new and used) for auction at discounted prices.

For those who prefer not to shop online, Liz Lange for Target has my favorite line of maternity clothes. This season, I especially love the Essential Knit Dress - Turquoise ($19.99) or the Sweater Dress - Pink ($29.99).

JCPenney also has a selection of maternity clothing. For an everyday look, check out the a.n.a SS Ruffle Front V-Neck ($19.99) paired with the duo™ Maternity Stretch Twill Capris ($19.99).
Need a great pair of maternity jeans? Check out Gap's No Panel Boot cut jeans (sale $48.65) or Old Navy's Maternity Real-Waist Flared-Leg Jeans ($36.50)

And remember, basic maternity clothing can look super fabulous by adding great accessories and shoes!


~~Mel~~ said...

No need for these at the moment...but I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind when the time comes.

Jessica said...

Great thanks! I am needing these things asap lol!

Gwen Ann Wilson said...

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carina said...


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