Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get ready for football season with Direct TV

Okay gals. Who is like me and struggle each year on what to get my hubby for Father's Day? My hubby no longer wears ties to work, he doesn't golf, and has tons of pictures of me and the kids on his desk. So I was glad to hear about this great new package that you may want to also consider the best Father's Day gift.

Have you considered Direct TV for your home? Well, combine that with NFL Games and you have a winning ticket for your dad or hubby.
Let me tell you more!

Its almost time for the NFL to start up again. Most teams will be heading back to camp in July and then the preseason starts on August 9th. Direct TV is the only company able to bring you all the action for every team and every game with the NFL Sunday Ticket. If you are a football fan then this programming package was designed especially for you. With the NFL Sunday Ticket you get access to 200 NFL Games, 14 games every Sunday, Player Tracking, and the NFL Network. Its a great option for Football lovers.

Direct TV offers 100% digital programming, and direct tv is also the leading provider of HD programming with over 130 channels available in HD. Check it out!


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