Friday, June 12, 2009

Name the mascot and win $10,000

Listen up moms! Kroger-owned food stores are holding a contest to name its Comforts Firefly mascot. The winner will receive a$10,000 college scholarship for their child. Awesome, uh?

Comforts for Baby is a line of formula, lotions, wipes, and more available only at Kroger-owned stores (Kroger, Smith's, Bakers, City Market, QFC, etc). Comforts store-brand baby formula contains all the essential ingredients required by the FDA and required by the Infant Formula Act. The Comforts formula also contains lipids DHA and ARA, which are associated with infant mental and visual development. It is fortified with choline, and contains lactose. And like, many named-brand formulas, Comforts provides nutrients found naturally in mother's milk that help develop the immune system.

Take a minute to visit the web site, where you can also download Conforts for Baby and other store coupons!

The line's mascot is a cute little firefly. Kroger needs your help to name this lovable little mascot. From June 1st to July 31st, you may enter the contest online by visiting You must include all information shown on the online entry form, including the name you have chosen for the Comforts firefly (25 characters or less).

The grand prize is a $10,000 college scholarship for your child. The winning entry and the name of the winner will be announced online after September 21, 2009.


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