Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nurse's Guide to Good Living

Attention nurses! I was asked to tell you about Scrubs, a new online magazine specifically for nurses. (And we know I have run into my share of nurses the past few weeks, ha!)

Also referred to as Nurse's Guide to Good Living, it's not another clinical web site. Instead, it's a fun site that is about you as a person. There are great chapters like health, fashion, mind, money and love. (You can check it out here: http://www.scrubsmag.com/?utm_source=B.) There are no registration fees or username required. Just head there and enjoy! Can't be any easier than that!

You know me, I went straight to the beauty section. I stumbled across a great article which I took a minute to read, "Wake Up Younger": http://www.scrubsmag.com/articles/beauty/tips-amp-secrets/wake-looking-younger. The articles gave "five quick tweaks" nurse can add to their daily regimen to keep skin looking younger.

The entertainment section also included a review of Showtime's new show, Nurse Jackie! Sure to push a few buttons--and maybe a few laughs--in the nursing community!

So if you are a nurse, please take a minute to unwind. Check out this new web site created especially for you. I am sure you will keep going back for more!


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