Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Mommy & Me" Day: First Manicure

Today, Princess Mimi and I had some "girl time" before heading to a friend's baby shower.
We walked into Sally's Beauty store to find the nail polish on sale, "Buy 2 Get 1 Free".
So I picked out 2 and let Princess pick out 1. I then went next door to a nail shop and had her nails painted for only $3.
Of course she LOVED it.She wanted purple.


Farmer*swife said...

How Fun! Didn't she feel sooo special? $3.00 manicure/nail job? Wow!

We went a month or so ago; me, Sweet D and Lil'Gal for a mani-pedi. She's six now so we splurged at a very reasonable place.

She LOVED it!!

Lindsey said...

How cute...I bet she felt so special!!! Makes me wish I had a little girl!

Lee said...

So cute! I remember when my daughter used to love that. She is not a girly girl anymore though!

Ali said...

I've never had a professional manicure before! Lucky girl!

Lee said...

I have to give you an award! Check it out at

~~Mel~~ said...

So cute! I've never had a manicure ever...but I gotta say I still manage to give myself a pretty good one lol.

jalant said... cute!