Thursday, August 06, 2009

Explaining the word "Dead"

My almost-4-year-old, Princess Mimi, has begun using the word "dead" or "die". I am not sure where she picked it up but none the less, I now have to explain it to her.

Being she is still young, I first explained, "When you die, you go to Heaven."

Then she asked, "But how do you die?" I further said, "When your battery goes out you die."

To which she replied, "Is my heart my battery?" Pretty smart for a toddler!

Someone suggested that I explain that when you die, you no longer hear or see or feel things so that she doesn't herself want to die or think death is a good thing.

How have you explained dying to your child?


~~Mel~~ said...

It is such a tough subject to explain, isn't it?

I told Riley much the same things you told Mimi...I elaborated in the sense that he realizes that when someone dies you don't get to see them again until you go to heaven too. So he knows that dying is not something we want to do...but something that just eventually happens...usually when we grow old but not always.

Sara said...

My thing was to make sure I didn't tell them that you get sick and die. I didn't want the kids to hear their mom say she was sick and think I was going to die. My son sees a cemetary and says "Look mom that's where people go TO die!" Soo cute.

Live.Love.Eat said...

It came naturally at one point. I gave it to him reality style and let him know life is not always fair. People die of old age and sometimes they even get killed by accidents and other people. By 5 he actually understood.