Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My son is in LOVE with Hannah Montana

Yes, my son...not my daughter...is in love with the Hannah Montana movie. He watches it all day long. I mean, the minute he wakes up he asks me for "Hoedown". And the minute he is home from preschool, he asks for "Best of Both Worlds". At first I thought it was cute and even tried to learn the dance (thanks to this video from YouTube.com), but now I am going crazy (ha!)

Do your kids like Hannah?


~~Mel~~ said...

We aren't big on Hannah in our house...Riley is much too macho for that lol.

But I do remember when he was obssessed with Dora for years and years!!!

Bayou Belle said...

It is a good movie. I rented it this weekend and watched it twice with the kids and loved it when we saw it in the theatre. Definitely a christmas gift for my kids this year! I rarely watch my kids movies but love this one and love to "TRY" to do the hoedown with them.

The Yackiest Yacker of All! said...

My son LOVES all things Hannah Montana!!! It is a good thing I like the music and the shows and the movies, otherwise I would be insane!

Ali said...

No Hannah in our house--my boys never got into any Disney shows but they'll watch anything on Nick. My 7 yr old son loves iCarly!