Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Cookies

Last year I made pumpkin cookies ( for hubby at his request. They were yummy! This year I have made them a little healthier.

  • Instead of shortening, use one stick of butter and a 1/2 cup of applesauce.
  • Also, I use whole wheat flour.
  • I add a little more than the 1cup of suggested pumpkin.
  • Icing is optional.
Just a simple way to sneak in some "good stuff" into cookies! ENJOY!


Allyson and Dave said...

I may have to try to make these to take to TN for Thanksgiving.

starnes family said...

I do love to sneak in some good stuff, too. Great tips! I tried to substitute applesauce in my banana bread recipe that called for sour cream and it wasn't quite the same. But, I'll keep trying!

Oh, and aren't you so sad about our loss to Florida? Ugh. I liked #4. Darn it!

~~Mel~~ said...

Neither the boyfriend or I are big pumpkin fans...but perhaps I should make some of these for the boy...seems so simple.