Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Punishment for Using Bad Words?

A girl friend and I were chatting this week about our kids saying bad words. She has three boys, and washed out their mouths with soap recently. I remember as a kid, I once had hot sauce put on my tongue for cursing at my mother.

Well one couple went too far:, when they forced an 8-year old to CHEW soap have using an obscene word! Yikes; the girl then had an allergic reaction and the child is now in DCF custodity.

So this has me thinking...What is proper punishment today for using bad words? Is soap or hot sauce okay? It seems that society (and even government) no longer allows us to "spank" our children. "Time out" doesn't work for my kids. I am curious to know your thoughts!


~~Mel~~ said...

Our right to parent our children the way we choose is most certainly being taken away from us every single day.

I too remember my mouth being washed out with dish soap for using a curse word...but it's something I would never think of doing to my boy for fear of who he would tell and what the consequences to me may be.

Thankfully the issues we had with Riley for bad words were when he was about 3 and 4 years old and I'm pretty certain he wasn't really sure what the words meant..he just knew they were forbidden and would test out using them from time to time.

Time outs are big in my house...and for the times they don't work I take away his most prized possessions...that always seems to work.

starnes family said...

I don't know. We haven't had a huge issue with this and I have an almost 9 year old boy. Figured it would have been a big deal by this point. And, he's a handfull....don't get me wrong....but our challenges are elsewhere.

"Saucing" has brought on a lot of controversy, although, I don't see anything wrong with it. It's edible, right?

While I don't know the proper punishment, I will tell you what bothers me. WHERE THE KIDS ARE LEARNING THESE WORDS FROM!!!!!! If they hear it from their parents, it enfuriates me. And, a movie? Didn't their parents take them to see it? Seems like we, as a society, could tailor what our kids are hearing in order to prevent what they're saying.

Allyson and Dave said...

I find this to be an interesting topic. I worry about our kids picking up this habit from Dave. My parents never used bad words and so my siblings and I don't either. Have you ever heard me swear....nope. I just don't do it. But you put Dave in front of a football game on the tv and he will say it all. So I need to start with a punishment for Dave and we will take it from there.

Tammy said...

My kids are really good about not using bad words. I have to watch myself because I am a damn girl. We've used hot sauce on my son and guess what...he loves the stuff. He now uses Frank's Red Hot sauce on most of his foods. HE loves everything spicy. So I guess that didn't work.

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Because of all of the chemicals that are in soap now, I would not agree with washing a child's mouth out any more. Hot sauce on the other hand is a food item and therefore when used in moderation as a way to discourage a child from cursing...don't really see a problem. Unfortunately, both of my girls love spicy that won't work.